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Name:Horus Neferti
Birthdate:Jun 1
Nef as he'd been called since the 1960s... was born a poor fisherman’s son and raised in the ways of the Cobra Tribe. Infiltrating the Pharoh's court as first a harem boy, then a scribe, he seduced his way into the upper levels of education, which at the time was synonymous with magic.

Realizing very young that he didn't like the established order of the universe (birth, life, putting up with religion and authority and then death, petition to enter heaven, or rebirth) he decided to seek immortality and be free of it.

Joining forces with the King of Assassins, hassan i sabbah, he stole the secrets of Heaven from the gods and became something of a cosmic fugitive, leaping through time to keep his freedom and prevent imprisonment in the Nova Ovens.

In the past 4000 years of life, he has loved and lost his allies, become a guardian angel to a gay gunslinger, and spends the rest of his eternity trying to educate humans so they can also achieve immortality and escape planet earth before the Nova Mob blow it up.

Neferti can use Egyptian ritual magic. This is a writing based magic that takes the form of curses, summoning creatures and activities such as causing the crops to grow/fail. He dabbles in creepy sex magic given the opportunity and he can sometimes see the future in his dreams. He has also become what the ancient Egyptians refer to as a “Shining One,” or “Radiant Boy.” Essentially the guardian part of the Egyptian soul which doubles as a Guardian Angel and the Guide in the Afterlife. The literal aspect of this title is an ‘inner light’ that gives him the physical ability to glow in the dark not unlike a glow-bug, or in extreme cases, shoot lasers from his eyes.

Unusual or Magical Possessions:While Neferti does not possess the Necronomicon, he did once steal the Sacred Papyrus of the Gods, with which he learned how to become immortal and how to create his own heaven (So he doesn't have to deal with the gods if he doesn't want to). He also has an (Illegal!) Cloak of Shadows, which allow him to be invisible while he is in said shadows. Aside from the odd magical talisman/amulet he might have, his only other major possession is a Scribe’s Kit which contains paper, ink, poison and his flute which doubles as a dart-gun with poison tipped ends.

PB: Jaye Davidson

The character may or may not be based on the historical "Neferti", although Burroughs makes no reference that this is the case, it seems likely.
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